Dark Crystal Glass Clear Cleaner

DC Glass Clear


The new DC CLEAR is the best cleaning product for all your enail parts.

By using this cleaner, you can easily EXTEND THE LIFE of all your enail parts. You'll never have to overheat your pieces again, and you'll always get an awsome cleaning job each and every time.

What is this, why do I need to buy it? Well, its a powerful cleaning product developed using only all-natural ingredients, and its completely 100% a non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, unscented cleaning solution for surfaces such as acrylic, metal, cotton wick and specialty glass.

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Safe for acrylic, glass, quartz, ceramic, titanium and similar metals.

All our bottles come pre diluted so they are ready to use right out of the bottle. . For soaking your smaller pieces, add your contaminated parts and pour the solution into a resealable container. For larger contaminated pieces. Pour soaking solution directly into affected item making sure to seal openings to contain solution from leakage. Now sit back and watch it work! DarkCrystal Clean is fast acting. Leave items soaking until glass is clean and free of
residues. Soaking times may vary. Once your job is done, simply rinse items with hot water and enjoy. For quicker results, use a pipe cleaner.

Non-chlorinated Water, Karanja oil, Processed Coconut Extract, Processed Kelp Extract, and Processed Extract of Sugar Cane.

DC Glass

DC Glass


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