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Basic Operation Instructions

  1. Before powering the unit, start with the switch on the unit set to “0” for OFF. Connect a coil and power cable to the unit, and plug in for power.
  2. To power the unit, turn the red ON/OFF switch on the back to “1” for ON.
  3. If you see the word OFF displayed, the unit is OFF and will not heat the coil.
  4. To control the unit, use the knob on the front by turning to navigate the menu and pushing to select.
  5. To turn on the unit, wait a few seconds for the main display to update, when the unit shows “OFF”, press the knob inward one time and you will hear a click/sound from the unit to confirm the press. The “OFF” will disappear and your unit will immediately begin to heat up the coil which will turn red. Be very careful to NEVER touch the coil at any time the unit is on, or if the unit has been on in the last 20 minutes.

How To Use and Setup Wi-Fi Internet Access

  1. Using the knob, turn until you reach the Wi-Fi screen.
  2. To use the wi-fi feature, you need to select to use it by pressing the knob inward.
  3. After selecting to use Wifi, read the on-screen instructions.
  4. Using a smart phone, connect to the enail’s wifi signal. You will need to enter your login/password to connect to your internet or router. You will only need to setup wi-fi one time.

How to Use Self Cleaning Feature

  1. Using the knob, turn until you reach the Self Cleaning screen.
  2. To use the self cleaning feature, you need to select to use it by pressing the knob inward.
  3. After selecting the cleaning feature, read the on-screen instructions which say to simply press the button to start the cleaning.
  4. Wait until the cleaning process is completed, cool down and then proceed to scrape the nail dish to remove any remaining ashes or residues.

How to use the cleaner to clean your enail Parts

Dark Crystal Glass Clear Cleaner
  1. Decide whether you would like to speed up the cleaning process by heating up the solution, or simply use it at room temperature to soak your pieces. For a faster cleaning, you can easily microwave the solution in a safe container on high for 2-4 minutes or until steaming. Be very careful and use proper hand protections when dealing with hot containers and liquids.
  2. After preparing a dish with the solution, gently place items in the dish and let the magic happen. When soaking with the heated solution, items will clean faster. This cleaner works great for all your dirty glass, quartz, acrylic, ceramic, titanium and other metals.
  3. Leave item to soak until surfaces are cleaned of residues. Agitation may be necessary to help lift the residues and complete the process. A pipe-cleaner or qtip may need to be used to remove what remains as some thicker buildups require direct agitation.
  4. If you fill a piece with the clear cleaning solution, plug all the holes and shake to help break down thicker hard to reach oils.
  5. When you decide to end the cleaning process and evaluate your results, carefully remove your pieces from the solution, or take your piece and pour out the cleaner. Remember the cleaner is re-useable, you can pour it back in your bottle and use it for next time. Straining the leftover solution will help keep it clean of debris.
  6. Now the pieces you cleaned should be rinsed in hot water to clean away the cleaning solution and remaining residue and debris. Repeat this if necessary until all the broken down residue is removed.

Recommendations to achieve the Best Flavor

Quartz, Titanium, Silicon Carbide

When it comes to having the best consistent flavor, the three best to use are Silicon Carbide (Sic Dish), Quartz and Titanium. High quality Quartz or Titanium will work fine, but we highly recommend using a setup that vaporizes with a Sic Dish. We think the Silicon Carbon dishes offer the best overall experience and full unadulterated flavor.

The 1st most important step to always having the best flavor with each and every dab, is you must use a high quality nail or dish. Without investing in a quality made nail, you are cutting corners going cheap using lesser grade material and experiencing dabs that make you cough or dont taste good. The best dabs you will ever take will be smooth as can be with full flavor and not make you cough.

The 2nd most important thing to do is make sure your coil is tightly pressed against the nail you use, in order to maintain the most consistent temperature. You will have trouble with retaining optimum temperatures for dabbing if your coil is loosely touching your nail. Remembering this is important, before turning on your unit double check you have a tight connection and the coil is not loose.

Highly Educated Infinit Nail
E-Nail Glob Stopper by DC Glass
SiC Dish (Silicon Carbide)

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